About Judge Rothrock


Judge Rothrock joined the King County Superior Court bench on October 28, 2018. Judge Rothrock is a graduate of Garfield High School in Seattle and a lifelong resident of King County. She obtained her J.D. cum laude from Willamette University College of Law. In law school, she served as an Associate Editor of the Willamette Law Review and was awarded the Van Winkle Scholarship for excellence in Constitutional Law.

Before her appointment, Judge Rothrock enjoyed 24 years of private practice in King County, representing clients in civil disputes in Superior Court and developing significant experience in the appellate courts. Judge Rothrock has appeared in the Court of Appeals for the State of Washington more than fifty times and represented clients in multiple matters reviewed by the Washington State Supreme Court.


Judge Rothrock also worked pro bono on significant public interest matters for civil rights organizations. Judge Rothrock served on the Executive Committee of the King County Bar Appellate Section for many years, serving as Chair in 2012. She served on the Rules Drafting Task Force of the Washington State Bar Association addressing escalating costs of civil litigation from 2017-2018. She has served as a Trustee for the King County Bar Foundation since 2016, which aligns with her goals of increasing diversity in the profession and promoting solutions and resources for civil legal need. Upon her appointment to the Superior Court, Judge Rothrock joined the Criminal Rules Committee of the Superior Court Judges Association and the Local Rules Committee of the King County Superior Court. To further promote access to justice, she serves as a Trustee for the King County Public Law Library, which undertakes many efforts to assist community members, including self-represented persons, with their legal research and case preparation needs. Judge Rothrock is honored to serve the people of King County.